Origins of Ace Computer Repair and Consulting

Many of my clients have had the digital age thrust upon them. I created this computer repair service 11 years ago so that I could help people get more comfortable with and capable of using technology in their own lives. I try to look at everything that happens during a job from my customer’s point of view. I’m not going to suggest what would work best for experienced computer users, but will take the time to communicate with you and find out what computer repair services work for you. If you’re in need of Reno computer repair, I am here to help.

A part of this is finding out what works financially – computer repair can cost a major portion of a budget, business or personal, and I find ways to make sure every dollar is a good investment.

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home computer repair
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About Ken Hugdal

The digital age was a cultural innovation that I grew up with, which soon became a part of my life. Growing up, my father had his own business and didn’t work a 9-5 job. From his experience, I decided I wanted to be in charge of the work I do. I started working for myself because I was tired of not being able to provide the level of customer care I thought was deserved. I wanted to be in charge of my own standards and keep billing fair for both parties.

I look forward to helping your home or small business needs with Ace Computer Repair services.

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Ace Computer Repair and Consulting provides computer repair services for:


  • Home Users
  • Small Businesses
  • Businesses that have a lot of independent agents

“I had recently had the hard drive replaced on my laptop by another company. They did a good job but it never really ran like before.

I had met Ken the owner of Ace through a mutual friend and mentioned my frustration and asked if he thought that I should just chuck the old one and get a new laptop. Ken offered to take a look at it at no charge to evaluate how things were working.

After a few hours he called and said that the harddrive was working great but the operating system (Windows Vista) was the problem. He loaded Windows 7, had it back to me in a couple of days and it is now working better than new. He also reloaded all my programs and files.

Thanks Ken for the personal service at a very reasonable price!!!”

– Drew R.